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Passed in Fall of 2021, the Mount Vernon Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) is a little different than most DORAs across the state of Ohio.  Started in 2016, the statewide DORA initiative is led by the Ohio Department of Liquor Control (ODLC), and allows for municipalities to take advantage of the program.

"Per R.C. 4301.82, a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area or “DORA” (aka Outdoor Refreshment Area or “ORA”) is nothing more than a specified area of land that a local legislative authority has designated as exempt from certain open container provisions as defined within the legislative act that created the DORA. Thus, patrons within a DORA that purchase an alcoholic beverage for on-premises consumption from a DORA designated liquor permit holder can leave the permit premises with an opened alcoholic beverage container and continue consuming it within the DORA." - Ohio Division of Liquor Control. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM ODLC.  Find out more by clicking through the below buttons concerning upcoming events, FAQs and Rules for our DORA!

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