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Business Development Committee 

Nick Vicars (Owner of Almost Famous Sweets & Sodas)
Second Friday of the Month - 10am

The Business Development Committee is the networking arm of Experience Mount Vernon.  If you have a new business in Downtown Mount Vernon, this committee is your first stop! Continually updating the Main Street New Business Welcome Packet, the committee establishes first contact with new businesses. 

Collecting data through our Business Status Questionaire, the Connections Committee looks to provide statistics on the business community downtown, as well as using the specifics to direct recruitment of new business and spurring additional economic development. Parking issues are handled through the Parking Sub-Committee.

Downtown Tours are ran through the Business Development Committee to ensure a quality representation of what we have to offer! Next up for the committee. Click here for more information and resources for Business Development in Downtown Mount Vernon. 

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Aesthetic Experience Committee


Pam Rose (Mount Vernon City School District)
Second Monday of the Month - 1pm

The Aesthetic Experience Committee looks to enhance the physical and visual elements of Downtown Mount Vernon. Working with local entitys to focus on the implementation of the Beautification & Care Program, the Aesthetic Experience Committee has a vested interest in maintaining standards of beautification for the Central Business District. Partnering with Ariel-Foundation, Experience Mount Vernon continues to keep sidewalks plowed during the winter months creating a yearly upkeep schedule.

The committee is also in charge of facilitating the Downtown Banner Campaign with more ways to participate than ever before! Shifting the focus to Design Review Guidelines, Public Art and Wayfinding opportunities for downtwon, Experience Mount Vernon's Aesthetic Experience Committee is working hard to ensure our Downtown is beautifully maintained for decades to come. 

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Events Committee

John Yoder (Realtor for Key Realty)
First Friday of the Month - 10am

The Events Committee of Experience Mount Vernon is our most well known committee. From the First Friday season in the Summers, Johnny Appleseed Apple Fest in the Fall, and the Gingerbread Forest taking over Downtown during Winter, our schedule is packed with fun for everyone!

Collecting vendor booths and parade float entries.  Lining up musical talent and other performers. Food trucks, activities, and volunteer coordination all are part of the Events Committee's task list. If you have a knack for event planning, this is the committee for you! Sub-Committees include: Winter in Downtown, First Friday and Johnny Appleseed Apple Fest. Click here for more information about our events!

To join the Events Committee or for more information,  Click Here! 



Executive Committee

Todd Taylor (Owner of Mark't)
First Monday of the Month - 1pm

How do we continue to operate with everything else going on?  That is what the Executive Committee is for! 

Recruiting new committee and board members, this committee makes recommendations for who to add to our prestigous list of partners! Giving oversight in fundraising to continually meet financial goals, as well as assisting in the formation of Yearly Goals for organization.  Executive Committee is also the committee that researches grant opportunities for downtown businesses/projects, and applies them to where they are needed most. 

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D.O.R.A. Approval Committee

Lacey Filkins(Executive Director)

Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, or DORA for short, is a new initiative to Mount Vernon. Prompted by the 2020 shutdown, Experience Mount Vernon took the lead in bringing the initiative to Downtown.

After 14 months of research, visits, committee meetings, meetings with representatives from merchants, bars, restaurants, City and County officials, drug & alcohol treatment organizations, other communities, Mount Vernon Police and Fire Departments, the initiative was approved by Mount Vernon City Counil in October of 2021. 

Because the initiative was approved as an event-based DORA ONLY, Experience Mount Vernon spent all of 2022 approving, facilitating and managing ALL DORA events in Downtown Mount Vernon. After a year of successful events, the organization looks to amend the DORA to be more of a reflection of the initiative in other communities. 

Click Here for More Information on DORA.